David Vanrenen

David has over forty years of business experience. He has founded several companies including Australian Gilt Securities, Giltnet Limited and Equity Systems Limited as a joint venture with Reuters Limited. David was instrumental in setting up the Johannesburg Stock Exchange gilt market in the 1970’s and also helped establish the Kleinwort Benson Fixed Income Investment Trust, Equisoft Limited and PeopleBank. He founded Earthport plc, an innovative online payment system in the 1990’s. More recently, David has been Chairman to and actively involved with several private equity deals  most notably in the international online payments field.

Mark Burby

Mark has 20 years senior executive and CEO business experience in the UK, Europe and internationally. Implementing both medium and large-scale businesses, his experience spans the finance, property, leisure, retail and aviation sectors. Combining this experience, Mark’s achievements include development of the Reebok Sports Club, London. Described as Europe’s largest and most refined ‘Urban Country Club’, the project is a flagstone of London’s prestigious Canary Wharf.

Mark has become highly knowledgeable in the field of litigation and in particular tactical litigation, jurisdictional enforcement, asset tracing and project management of multi jurisdictional litigation. Mark lead one of the industries largest and longest running third party funded litigation cases against a foreign royal family for breach of contract. As poacher turned gamekeeper, Mark has a unique viewpoint, combining an impressive track record of business achievement and executive leadership with experience in the litigation funding industry. First hand experience of how to tactically manage complex litigation enables him to apply an executive business approach to cases where emotion can often cloud budget and results.

Dan Vanrenen

Dan has worked in the financial industry for the past 12 years, managing both established corporate entities and entrepreneurial enterprises.  With extensive executive management and investment experience internationally in the financial, remittance and mining sectors, Dan has been strategically involved throughout all phases of a business lifecycle – from start up to sale in both private and publicly listed entities. Most recently Dan acted as Chief Operating Officer of a European investment advisory business.

Dan has been actively involved, both personally and professionally, in the litigation funding arena for the past three years.  Having successfully managed his own family office entry into the litigation funding market, Dan combines this well-considered experience with the vision of an entrepreneurial strategist.

Katherine Vanrenen

Katherine graduated with Honours in Law before qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, working as an Audit Manager for a Top15 accountancy firm.  Katherine subsequently moved into corporate finance, working for an AIM listed London stockbroking firm before setting up the corporate finance function of a European investment advisory business.

Having worked with a large number of small and mid-cap clients in all manner of sectors, both public and private, Katherine has the requisite experience and financial expertise to manage the operational side of the business.

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